Discover our top 10 free woocommerce plugins. These are our top must-have WordPress plugins for ecommerce stores.
Here are our top 10 free woocommerce plugins that we recommend for WordPress ecommerce stores:

1. Meta Slider
2. Smart Sale Badge
3. WordPress Currency Switcher
4. Stripe
5. Checkout Address Suggestion
6. WooCommerce Direct Checkout
7. WooCommerce Checkout MANAGER
8. Pricing Deals
9. MailChimp
10. WooCommerce Email Exporter

#1 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: Meta Slider

Image sliders are not included by default with WooCommerce – but they are a great addition to a store as they look professional and are a fantastic way to showcase the products that you are selling to potential customers. A simple and easy plugin to use to add an image slider to your site is Meta Slider.

#2 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: Smart Sale Badge

This simple plugin changes the sales badges on your website. By default the sales badges simply say “sale.” By installing this plugin the sales badges will now note how much money the customer is saving (for example – “Save $10”). This helps to make your sales badges look more exciting.

#3 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: WordPress Currency Switcher

This free plugin allows the customer to switch between two currencies so that they can see how much an item will cost them in their currency. If you want to be able to switch between more than two currencies, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plugin.

#4 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: Stripe

Stripe is a fantastic free plugin that allows you to accept credit card payments within your website. By accepting payments within your store, you will increase your conversions – which means that you’ll make more sales and money.

While the plugin is free, you will still need to pay transaction fees. For each sale, you will need to pay 2.9% plus a 30 cent fee per transaction.

To use Stripe, you will need to have an SSL certificate on your website as this is a requirement to accept credit card payments on a domain name/site. This is an additional cost to the web hosting/domain purchase. If you don’t want to pay for this additional purpose, you can accept PayPal payments without an SSL certificate.

#5 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: Checkout Address Suggestion

When you install this plugin, it will make it so that when the customer is typing in their address details in the checkout page, it will use Google Places to suggest potential addresses. If the customer clicks on one of the addresses, it will autocomplete their address form. This has two benefits:

1) It reduces typing errors, which decreases the chances that the item will be shipped to the wrong address.
2) It will decrease cart abandonment by speeding up the checkout process. This will decrease cart abadonment and increase sales (which is why other sites like Amazon have implemented this feature in their checkout).

#6 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Usually when a customer adds an item to their cart, they will then be taken to the cart page. From there, the customer can then choose to go to the checkout page. This plugin lets you change it so that the customer will be automatically directed to the checkout page. This speeds up the checkout process, decreasing cart abandonment rate.

#7 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: WooCommerce Checkout Manager

This free plugin lets you add in extra fields to your checkout page, such as a calendar date selection. This is great if you’re selling products where the customer needs to be at home to collect the delivery, such as perishable food.

#8 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: Pricing Deals

With this plugin, you can add 2 types of pricing deals to your store:

* BOGO deals (buy-one-get-one-free deals)
* Discounts for purchasing items in bulks or discounts for people that spend a certain amount (such as a $10 discount for spending $100).

#9 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: MailChimp

This plugin is fantastic for building an email list as it will add a tickbox (which is ticked by default) which will subscribe customers to an email newsletter series. As long as you have under 2,000 email subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails a month, it’s free to use MailChimp.

#10 of our recommended WooCommerce plugins: WooCommerce Email Exporter

This plugin lets you export all of your customer emails into a spreadsheet. Having your customers email addresses saved is great as a backup, plus it makes it easy to segment your subscribers into different email lists.