25 different styles of blogging. Good informative video that moves to quick. You will want to pause the video for each one to see everything there is to see…

25 styles of blogging

This video tutorial will teach you the 25 different styles of blogs as defined by Rohit Bhargava. It will show you which style to choose for you and also how…

I would say I have seen other styles of blogging than the 25 shown in the video. These are certainly well used. To me, one of the  most interesting parts of this video is the information on the upper right. Never seen anyone use the term “Buzz Factor” when talking about blog posts before though.

The definations are interesting on their own. I can’t argue that these are not 25 effective ways to blog. Some are obviously more effective at helping you  make a profit with your blog than others.

If nothing else, this video should provide some food for thought.

Think about these styles next time you are having a tough time trying how to approach a subject you want to post about. They offer you several ways to tackle every situation. Just choose the style that fits you, or make the style fit you! Always try to entertain a bit as you write. Ti helps keep your readers engaged and entertained and that is after all what a good post is all about.