In this tutorial you will learn the 3 ways (and a bonus 4th way) to reply to any WordPress comment. This is for a stock WordPress installation. You can install WordPress comment plugins that will give you even more options.

So, the four ways to interact with WordPress comments are:

1. Via the comment widget in the Dashboard
2. Via the Comments panel which you can access by click the Comments link on the left hand side admin menu
3. Via the comment box in WordPress post editor
4. Once a comment is approved you can reply to it on the public facing post as long as you are signed in and your user role is sufficient to allow you to reply to comments.

Whenever you are interacting with comments you are able to edit WordPress comments, approve WordPress comments, mark WordPress comments as spam and mark comments for deletion.

There is a lot of WordPress comments spam so you will be deleting a lot of WordPress spam comments. Do make managing the spam comments easy you can install and configure a plugin called Akismet, which helps A LOT.