SEO copywriting is all about crafting content, so compelling that other people want to promote it, link to it, and share it on social media.
Here are five tips to rank your SEO copywriting projects today.

One, focus on long tail keywords for your keyword. Instead of wasting money and time, trying to rank for highly competitive keywords as much better to focus your time and resources to rank for longtail keywords in your content.

Two, remember to optimize metadata. Focus on elements of your content like title, Meta description, internal linking, and keywords to drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Three, write content for your buyer personas. You are not able to write relevant content if you don’t know who your target audience is and what their needs are.

Four, format your content for mobile devices. Your content needs to be easy to read. If you want your customers to stay on your content and consume your message.

Five, off page SEO strategies. This includes things like outreach, social media engagement, and building your online reputation.

You can begin to rake your content with these five SEO copywriting tips today!

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