Starting a site has become easy with platforms like WordPress to help you get started. Once the site is set up, however, the next big challenge you have is to bring more traffic to your blog or website. In this video, we will give you five actionable ways to get more traffic to your website.

First, you would want to do keyword research for your site, to begin with, we normally recommend listing out the type of content you will be writing. With those ideas written out, you can use tools such as ahrefs and answer the public to see possible keywords you can rank for.

Second, you will want to create useful content for your users. This includes being thorough enough to get the entire idea out so as many people as possible can understand it and formatting your content to prevent it from being a wall of text that is difficult to read.

With the first two set up, you will want to look into improving the SEO of your site. Add your keywords you want the post to rank for into your post’s content and title, add alt text to your images for accessibility, and link to other articles on your site to help keep your visitors on your site. The Yoast SEO plugin is also a good plugin to add to your site for helpful checks for your post’s SEO.

Next, you will want to start networking to grow who knows about your site. You can post on social networks, online communities, other search engines, and even use question and answer sites to find content or answers to help you create your content.

Lastly, to retain your users you will want to create an email list. You can use an optin form to bring attention to your email list for users to sign up and you can also add a lead magnet to incentivize someone to add themselves to your email list.