6 Strategies For Writing Compelling Google Ads Ad Copy:

1. Match Ad Copy with the Search Term

You should create organized campaigns so that you can match your ad copy with the actual search term aka search query that a customer is typing in. The more organized your ad groups and keywords are, the better your ad relevance. Since ad relevance has a huge impact on Google Ads Quality Score and Ad Rank, your ad copy plays an important part of your campaign.

2. Focus on the Outcome your Customer is Seeking

You want to focus on how you are going to provide solutions to the problems that your customers are experiencing. You can do that by focusing on the problem or issue you will fix with your products or services.

3. Make Advertisements Personal

The more personal your advertisements are, the better they will perform. You want to create very personal ads and focus on the actual customer. Don’t focus on your brand, focus on the customer that is searching.

4. Be Relevant and Timely

Make sure your ads are time-focused and relevant throughout the year. The more relevant your advertisements are, the better they will perform.

5. Use a Call-To-Action that Matches the Call-To-Action on your Website

If your website is focused on a free trial, then use a call-to-action in your advertisements that matches the one on your website. The closer everything matches, the better your advertisements will perform.

6. Create 3 Ads Per Ad Group

Google will automatically optimize your advertisements so create 3 ads in each ad group. Google will continue to serve the top performing ads that you have.