WordPress is certainly the most popular CMS around. But is it the best?
WordPress has a huge following for many reasons. Themes, plugins and the WordPress Community are just three of those reasons. These are also the major advantages of using WordPress as a CMS.

Changing the look of every other major CMS platform requires editing multiple template files to change anything. The directions are precise, and lengthy. Screw up without a backup, and you might as well start over. The ability to change themes effortlessly is a huge feature of WordPress. This alone gives WordPress a serious edge over other popular CMS software.

This video does a fine job of explaining exactly why WordPress is considered by many to be the top Open Source CMS platform available today.

As to rather or not WordPress is indeed the best CMS in the World, my vote is yes. But there is truly no right or wrong answer to this question. Try watching the video and then leave your answer with a comment.

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