Pinterest can be a massive source of highly targeted buying traffic if used properly. If you sell anything fron your WordPress site then you really should take advantage of the potential free targeted traffic Pinterest can provide by adding a “Pin It” button to your blog. There are actually several free WordPress plugins that will do the job.

Unfortunately, most of those do not cover other social networks leaving you to install at least another plugin to add share buttons for the other major players. That I know of the only option available besides the Get Social plugin the author uses in this video is the Jetpack plugin by Automattic. The Jetpack plugin is another whole subject, so we will stick to the plugin used in the video here.

The video below was created and published by James Hussey. During the course of the video Hussey shows you the Detail Page on the plugin and you can see that the plugin had not been updated in over a year at that time. The plugin has been updated since this video at least once as it was updated just over 100 days ago as this is published.

Hussey shows you how to customize the button in this video as well. Having a custom button is always a big plus for any social network account you are trying to promote, so this is a great function to have access to.