Creating posts for affiliate products is a skill unto itself.

Do a good job…
and you get sales and comissions as a reward.

Do it wrong…

and you’re just wasting time.

Publishing posts and reviews about products you are an affiliate of is a staple of marketing with WordPress. How you place the affiliate link in your post will have a great deal to with how many clicks and ultimately, sales you get. Make the mistake of just pasting in an uncloaked affiliate link, and you will be lucky to get any clicks.

The video shows you not only how to avoid that beginners mistake, but how to add an affiliate link with style.

This is the second video of Rob Canyon’s Web copywriting course. Canyon is a professional Web copywriter. His interactions with many of the top marketing Gurus allows him to find out exactly what techniques the top marketers are having success with.

The fact that he is willing to share this information is even better. He shows you how to create the most popular styles of links used by Gurus to promote products as an affiliate. Again this is killer information.

Use the techniques in this video and your comissions should improve. They have been tested extensively and found to give the best results.