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How to Add a Pinterest Pin Board to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add a Pinterest Pin Board to Your WordPress Blog This tutorial shows you how to add your favorite Pinterest Pin board to your WordPress blog. Because …

Facebook may be the biggest source of social media traffic, but when it comes to targeted buying traffic, Pinterest is the winner hands down.

The video shows you a unique method of creating a dedicated feed from your pin boards on Pinterest and adding it as a widget in your WordPress blog. Although the operation is somewhat complicated, it’s hardly difficult by technical standards. The whole process can be accomplished in a few moments and the results are quite worth the effort required. Pinterest users love to shop. It doesn’t take a lot of business experience to figure out that the most profitable source of traffic is buyer traffic. People with money to spend, and an interest in what you are promoting should be your primary traffic target.

The site used by the author to create the dedicated Pinterest feed shown in the video,, is a great resource for more than creating custom Pinterest feeds. The site will allow you to create a custom feed for any site that has a RSS feed. This gives you plenty of interesting options like selecting posts from a particular catagory only to display in the custom feed.

You can view the post on creating and adding the feed that the author mentions in the video here, Pinterest feed post, or use the link below to just download the .text file containing all the code used in the video.

Text File Download

The plugin the author uses to add the custom Pinterest feed to WordPress is a free plugin called the Super-simple Pinterest Widget. The plugin is a solid free WordPress plugin that seems to be regularly updated as it works with the latest version of WordPress with no problems reported by users.

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