A Pinterest “Pin It” button for WordPress…

Add a Pinterest Button to WordPress Using the GetSocial Plugin

Just a quick overview of adding the “Pin It” button from Pinterest to your WordPress blog. I’m using the GetSocial plugin, and show how to customize it to ad…

Pinterest exploded onto the Social Media landscape with such a rush that the upstart site snatched away Twitter’s number 2 behind Facebook in less than one year. When you look at social media properties around the Web you would be hard pressed to find another that rose anywhere near as fast as Pinterest did. Many “experts” predicted that Pinterest would soon displace the almighty Facebook as the top social networking site.

Obviously that has not materialized into reality. Pinterest has slowed in growth. Not stopped, just slowed. Although there is a high degree of social interaction within Pinterest, it simply can’t appeal to everyone. There are plenty of people perfectly happy to leave the shopping to someone else.

People who love to shop are the core of Pinterest. The average Pinterest user is Female, late 20s to mid 40s, and has a large disposable income.

If you do any kind of marketing on the Internet, Pinterest should be on your Radar. Pinterest is one of the tougher social media sites for affiliates to market on. Although they recently added business accounts Pinterest does not like affiliates. There’s nothing unusual about not being able to post an affiliate link in a post. There are many places you can’t do that. Pinterest takes it a step farther than most though.

Pinterest does not allow affiliate links on the page you link to either!

There are ways to work around this of course, but that’s not the purpose of this post, or the video. Pinterest can truly be a fantastic source of highly targeted buying traffic if used properly. Take a moment to add a Pinterst button to any site you sell anything from. Everybody could use a few more sales.