A look at Affiliate Marketing with WordPress…

Day 6 – Affiliate Marketing on WordPress Blog

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This video details the process for adding an affiliate banner to your WordPress blog. This is not difficult as you can see from the video. I usually use a plugin called “Image Widget” to add my affiliate banners as this plugin is very easy to use for even the most novice user. It’s also a well coded plugin so there is no problems that this plugin will cause you. Image Widget has always worked perfectly for this so I have no reason to use anything else.

There’s one little detail the author left out in the video though.

If you are posting a “Raw” affiliate link to your banners there is a good possibility you won’t ever get paid for the sale. Many people copy the link and then paste it into their destination window. For some reason many do not want the due credit to go the affiliate. They will remove the affiliate ID from the link and make the purchase denying you your rightful commission for the sale.

There are plenty of good WordPress plugins you can use to “Cloak” or disguise your affiliate link. If you have an account with bit.ly or another URL Shortening service you can add your link and let them make a short link for you that will hide your affiliate link from visitors.