Adding HTML code to posts and pages in WordPress…

Adding HTML Code to WordPress

Very Basic tutorial on adding html code to WordPress in the main editor. See also In answ…

It is entirely possible to publish posts and pages in WordPress without adding HTML code in your posts or pages. WordPress will do all the heavy lifting for you and create the necessary code to display your posts and pages properly all while you type away using the visual editor. What’s hard is making any money with your blog that way unless your posts are sponsored. Ads, Payment buttons, and affiliate links must all be added manually to posts and pages in order to make them active.

Many bloggers are put off by the thought of adding code to their sites manually. There’s no doubt that inserting HTML in the wrong place can cause some interesting things to happen to the way your post looks. They are afraid of messing up something they can’t fix. This is really not a valid argument with WordPress.

Every time a post is updated by publishing or saving a draft a new revision is created automatically by WordPress. If you save 100 drafts, you get 100 revisions. For the most part it’s best to delete these when you are satisfied with a post since keeping them will only clutter up your database with old versions of your posts. But when it comes to adding code to WordPress they can come in handy. Make a mess out of things and instead of having to manually clean up the code you can simply revert back to your last version and try again, No matter what happens, as long as you don’t delete the post or page revisions you can always go back where you started. There’s no reason to fear adding code to WordPress.

You really don’t need to understand HTML code to add things like affiliate links and PayPal buttons to your site.

All that is necessary is the ability to copy the code and paste it in place. The “Source” or code side of the WordPress editor may contain characters and such, but it also has the text version of your post within that  code. What you are seeing in the source view in your editor is the text you have entered, links to any images and the HTML blueprint your Web browser uses to make your site display on the Web, The WordPress editor also allows you to select text or an image on the visual side then go right to that part of the code by clicking “Source” on the upper right of the editor screen. This way you don’t have to figure out where you want to add the code, you can just type “code” or something in on the visual side where you want the code to appear. Then change over to the source code, select the text you added and just paste the code you have coppied in place of the text. That;s it, there’s nothing else to do but save your draft and preview your masterpiece.