Check out the video to find out how to add G+ Comments to your WordPress blog…

How To Get Google+ Comments On WordPress Ever wanted to show your google plus activity on your wordpress blog? well now you can.

Adding Google+ comments to your WordPress site is a great way to get more trafic to your site. If you have an active G+ profile chances you are following many people. That also means many people are following you.

What this all means is that G+ offers you a great opportunity to dramatically expand the audience for your blog. G+ users like to leave comments via G+ as it is seen by more people than an ordinary comment. You should be interested in setting this up for the same reason. Let’s face it, anything that gets your WordPress blog in front of more people who may be interested in your content is a positive thing.

Simply put, if it works, USE IT!

And Google+ will help you get more targeted visitors to your site. Think about this. If you follow someone on G+ the reason isusually because they have similar interests to you right? So does it not stand to reason those who follow you do so because they share interests with you? Of course this is quite true, because they wouldn’t be following you otherwise.  And to be perfectly honest, comments are comments for the most part. This is a bit of an exception to that rule though.

Google loves people to use their Services and Web Properties. Since G+ belongs to the Big G, they seem to place more importance on G+ comments than others. Facebook and Twitter are the same story, but for a different reason. Comments from Social Networking sites like these carry a little additional weight as the Search Engines look at these as “Social Signals” and the more you get, the higher Google and the others will rank your content. G+ is of course a Social Networking site itself in many ways.

Any way you want to cut it, adding G+ comments to your blog will only help you. Do it today!