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Pinterest Widgets WordPress

How to use the new Pinterest Widgets on your WordPress Website.

The widget creator is available to anyone who has a business account on Pinterest. Pinterest rolled this feature out shortly after adding business accounts but the feature is still pretty much unknown to most WordPress users. The fact that this wasn’t integrated with a plugin has kept the Pinterest widgets off many sites. However, as you can see from the video there is a simple solution for getting the Pinterest widget on your WordPress site.

The text widget is a great tool for adding code to a WordPress blog. It’s part of every WordPress install in the widget tab, but many WordPress users never notice it because they don’t realize how useful this versatile widget can be. This is because WordPress users are so in love with the vast assortment of plugins. When most WordPress users want to add a new feature or capability to their site the first thing they do is go in search of a plugin to do the job. Some use only free plugins, others mix free plugins with premium WordPress plugins to do the hard work.

The text widget allows you to paste or add pretty much any type of code like JavaScript to your WordPress site with ease. Just open the widget up, paste in the code, save and your’e done.

The Pinterest widget can display whatever “Pin Board” you choose directly in your sidebar. Most businesses use this to display either their most popular pin boards or the ones they are trying to promote. Using one or more Pinterest widget is a good way to tie your Pinterest business account to your WordPress site. To get the most out of doing this you will need to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest from your account. I won’t go into how exactly to do that as that was covered in this post. I will say that if you sell or promote products of any kind on your site adding a Pinterst widget and verifying your site are two very important steps in channeling some of the highly targeted buying traffic the social network can provide to your site. Pinterst traffic is of course for the most part buyer traffic.

That makes integrating Pinterest with your WordPress site and business is a must to make use of that highly profitable traffic source.

There are plenty of other benefits beyond the obvious one though. To get the most out of Pinterest, you are simply going to have to learn the ropes first. Like all social media sites Pinterest not only has rules, but a particular ettiquette as well. Unless you know the right way to conduct yourself your account will fail to gain followers or worse, get banned if you break the rules.

It can take quite a while to figure out how to get the most out of Pinterest all by yourself. With that in mind I have made a free guide to mastering Pinterest available to anyone. Use the link below too access a free copy of the Pinterest guide so you can learn how to start using Pinterest to provide quality buyer traffic to your site.

Free Pinterest Guide

Pinterest Expert Guide