How to Cloak Affiliate Marketing Links with Free WordPress Plugins –

You need to know how to use WordPress Plugins because these are the little Magic Tools used by All Successful WordPress Bloggers. They are extremely simple to use and WordPress Plugins can cover a variety of Tasks usually much more challenging. Which is why you need to know How to Use WordPress Plugins if you’re going to be Successful as a Blogger.

WordPress Plugins simplify tasks like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is done with the “Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin”. Or even the “All In One SEO” Plugin, both offering a Free and Paid Option. Naturally, you always get what you Pay For. And yes, being a Professional Blogger will cost you money. Because you are competing with other Professional WordPress Bloggers who are Spending Money to attain their top positions.

WordPress Plugins are also used by Professional WordPress Bloggers to Create Site Maps. And without a Site Map Search Engines cannot find your Blog. It’s as simple as that. It’s basically the ability to provide Search Engines with a Guide to Find and Crawl your Blog. And in doing so, both Internal and External links can be Indexed.

One of the more preferred Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins is called Pretty Links Lite. Also known as Short links by Pretty Links, which you will find by going to WordPress Dot Org. You will find many useful WordPress Plugins with WordPress Dot Org. There are Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress Plugins are both free and priceless at the same time.

Other Great WordPress Plugins include Google XML Site Maps, WordPress Super Cache, WordPress Jet Pack and Many More. You can get all your Free WordPress Plugins on WordPress Dot Org. Truth be told, not only WordPress Plugins. But most of the really Great Tools are Free Tools. Getting the paid versions just puts your Brand or Blog in a whole different Professional Category.

With WordPress Dot Org there are also Blogger Themes, Great WordPress Support and even the WordPress Dot Org Blogger Community. They even cover Hosting Needs, although one of my other favorite Hosting Providers is Blue Host.

With Blue Host and WordPress you simply get Hosting through Blue Host, and then install WordPress as your site builder. But the choice is entirely yours. The Blue Host Hosting with WordPress Site Builder is covered in detail with this Training.

The program is called the Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown, with over 100,000 Satisfied Blogger Students. In 2009 George Brown launched the Google Sniper for the first time, and nearly 10 years later this Program is Still Running. And yes I used this exact same training to start my first Professional Blog back in 2016.

This after designing numerous Free Blogs and getting to know my way around WordPress. Always remember that Knowledge is your most powerful weapon in this competitive industry called Online Marketing. Always focus on how much you can learn, Not how much you can Earn.