Blogs have always been the traditional method for affiliate marketing. They take a while to build and get visitors, but once you build a website up, they can become sustainable sources of income that last for a very Long time.

To build a successful affiliate marketing blog, you need a good understanding of SEO or search engine optimization. It’s learning how to update your website and build links to enhance the ranking of your website in search results. By doing that, your website will appear on the first page when somebody searches for a phrase that is related to the keywords on your website. More people will visit your website, see your content and visit your affiliate links to buy.

So I’m going to walk through how to set up a blog on WordPress, post SEO optimised content and then get your website indexed so people can find it.

There are 7 steps:
1. get a blog domain
2. Get a hosting provider
3. Design your website
4. Install plugins
5. Write your content
6. Index your website
7. Analyse your website statistics