The Duplicator is a great way to back up your whole WordPress site…

How to use the WordPress plugin Duplicator – updated version – Tutorial

I have created this video tutorial on how to use Duplicator. If you have issues with something not working then do check the support forum or the Faq. Links …

Database backups are great. Backing up every file and your database is better.

If something happens and you need to restore your site to exactly the same as it was before in a hurry, then The WordPress Duplicator plugin can be a lifesaver. This is one of only two WordPress clone plugins I use, with the other one being WP Clone. Both plugins do just about the same thing with only unimportant differences. The reason I use both is simple. Most sites I own have the Duplicator plugin installed and activated. These are the average size sites without many videos or other large files in the content.

WP Clone gets the nod on most of the others. The reason I do this has to do with the maximum size of the backups allowed by each plugin. WP Clone allows you to save larger sites than the Duplicator plugin will.

However, after a certain point which unfortunately I do not remember, both will no longer be able to do the job any longer. Some blogs like this one that’s updated with a new video daily can only be backed up by using the backup tools in your hosting Control Panel. Videos eat up space in a backup, but if your site has videos they should be backed up too.

It’s good practice to backup your whole site before installing WordPress updates or any plugin or theme updates. These things hardly ever cause any problems. But you never know when an update will hit the jackpot and take your blog down. Be safe, not sorry!