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Backlinks still play a vital role in WordPress SEO. But backlinks are not just backlinks anymore.

There was a time when just having a bazillion backlinks was your ticket to page one rankings.  Google dumped that algorithm for one that looks more at the quality than the quantity of the links. Google wants authority links if they are going to give up page one to you. Authority links are what Backlink Comando does best.

Promoting links, creating authority backlinks, Backlink Comando has external links covered. The WordPress plugin does it’s work seamlessly in the background. Like Pingfresh, Sean Donahoe’s stellar premium pinging marvel of a WordPress plugin, you just adjust the settings to your liking,  save, and the plugin does the rest. Just like Pingfresh you can also choose to give a boost to any link of your choice without disturbing your default settings.

While there may be many link and backlink plugins for WordPress none are capable of autogenerating authority backlinks like Backlink Comando can. And not a single other WordPress plugin will then automatically promote those links for you to further enhance the qualityof those links the plugin created just for you.

Backlink Comando is a high quality WordPress plugin from an SEO expert that will help your sites get ranked higher.


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