What makes WordPress so great?

The majority of the  new sites being created every day on the Internet are WordPress installations. There are millions of WordPress sites all over the World. WordPress is rated as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) by every source. And WordPress does not simply lead the other CMS choices, it dominates them.

The following video gives a good view on exactly WordPress is  so popular. Under the video you will find my answer to the question.

Why Use WordPress – Benefits Of WordPress

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If I had to sum up why WordPress is such a great choice for a Website in one word, the word would be…


The modular construction of WordPress makes it simple to mold and customize your site to fit your business. WordPress plugins let you add new capabilities and or change default WordPress functions to suit your needs. By installing and activating multiple WordPress plugins you can completely change the way your site behaves.

WordPress customization is made even easier by the vast selection of available free and premium WordPress themes. Every possible type of business will find multiple choices for setting the look and feel of their site. Because WordPress themes are quickly installed it is a simple matter for blog owners to change the appearence of their site in a few seconds.

The fact that WordPress is more user friendly than other popular CMS choices doesn’t hurt either. Other CMS choices either do not offer plugins or interchangable themes or have very limited options.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to choosing WordPress for your site.