There are already a lot of solutions available to expand the new editor’s capabilities. Download Otter Blocks:

Now that Gutenberg has morphed into the WordPress Block Editor as of WordPress 5.0, many people are excited to start building content with this new tool.

Most of the best block plugins for WordPress are turning out to be collections of elements, rather than single-block additions.

1. Install Atomic Blocks 00:24 🕐

Atomic Blocks is a perfect example of this trend in action.
This plugin adds 11 new blocks that offer functionality currently missing from the WordPress editor.

2. Install Stackable 1:44 🕐

If you’re looking for a comprehensive package, Stackable is one of the best block plugins for WordPress. It includes 22 new blocks, ranging from simple elements to complex features, such as headers and testimonials.

3. Install Otter Blocks 3:20 🕐

Otter Blocks is our very own take on a WordPress blocks plugin. It’s a lightweight addition to your site, with minimal impact on performance. At the same time, it provides 12 new blocks for you to play with and customize to your heart’s content.

4. Install Advanced Gutenberg 4:52 🕐

Advanced Gutenberg is another large collection, featuring 16 new blocks. However, it’s also one of the best block plugins for WordPress because it improves the way the Block Editor functions.

5. Install Kadence Blocks 5:51 🕐

Kadence Blocks offers a few key elements to let you expand your options for building dynamic, flexible pages.

6. Install Block Gallery 7:08 🕐

Unlike all of the previous selections in this video, Block Gallery has a very specific purpose. It includes three new blocks, each focused on helping you design better WordPress galleries.

Each of the best block plugins for WordPress featured in this video can help you create more original, dynamic content for your website.