If you have had a WordPress blog for any amount of time you know how active and inventive hackers can be. Often the same hacker will plauge you multiple times if you do not take more robust security measures. This happens because hackers usually leave a backdoor of some sort when ever they sucessfully hack their way into a site. The best prevention is good security plugins and awareness.

I am not going to try to tell you what plugins to use and how. That is far too broad a subject to be covered in a single post. So if you would like to know what plugins you need to activate and set up to secure your WordPress installations you will just have to click the link below to sign up for The WordPress News and receive a FREE copy of the WP Security Videos. This series of step-by-step video tutorials will walk you through everything you need to do so your site will be protected from hackers.

Free WordPress Security Videos

Now that we have taken care of the plugins, it’s time to work on diligence. The video below shows an interesting way to keep an eye on your site’s content without having to check every post to look for redirects and such. The video has no voice narration. The content is delivered by way of screen anotations added to a screen capture video that shows the steps to take. I found this video very easy to follow even though I prefer to hear the authors voice  while looking at what is going on in the video instead of trying to follow the action on screen while reading at the same time.

The video was created by Jim Walker of HackRepair.com which is a great resource for learning how to clean up a hacked site. The method used in the video is an interesting twist on something you may already be familiar with, Google Alerts. Walker shows you how to set everything up to monitor your site for changes to the content automatically. With this technique you get an alert if any of the red flag words you set for alerts show up on your site.