This blogging tip has helped me build my monthly blog visitors to over 1 million, and I am going to reveal exactly how you can use this in this episode.

Beginners and advanced pros should listen up to the blogging advice that I share in this video.

Many beginner bloggers get overwhelmed by reading hundreds of blogging tips. They are left wondering which of these many blogging tactics are the most important, and how will I have the time to implement them all.

While there are several blogging techniques that make a big difference, there is none more important than the blog post title. This is going to determine whether you will or will not get rankings on Google. There is nothing more important than this.

The title plays a role in social media marketing also. A great title can lead to viral sharing and direct thousands of visitors to your blog.

The perfect title formula is essential to blogging strategy. It is as follows…

Odd Number + Superlative + Keyword Phrase

For example…

17 Best Blogging Tips for Food Bloggers

It has been proven that people love to click on blog post titles that start with a number. And they click on odd numbers 20% more than even numbers.

Out of all blogging best practices, this tactic stands alone on top of the mountain. Whether you are a lifestyle or fashion blogger, you need to be using the perfect title formula.

I hope you enjoy one of the best blogging tips, which has helped me grow my blog traffic to well over 1 million monthly visitors.