Using The WordPress Theme Directory

How To Use The Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

Autoblog Software

What Is Autoblogging?

This short (1:23) video gives you a good basic idea of what Autoblogging is. Published by “whoisbid”  on, the video goes over using robots or “bots” to perform various tasks associated with blogging. Many people use software installed on their computer to automatically post content remotely to their blogs. This eliminates the need to […]

How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

A nice, short video about how to schedule a post for publication at a future date. Scheduling one or more posts for for publication later is a convenient, easy way to add posts on a regular basis. People like to see a blog’s content updated on a regular basis. It shows commitment on your part […]

How To Add A Youtube Video To Your Post

This video, created by “megawealth1” will show you how to add eithor a Youtube video or an image to your posts. Since videos are very popular with people who surf the Web, it makes sense to use this great popularity to your advantage by posting videos from Youtube and other sources on your blog. Videos […]

Adding Catagories

This video created by Dennison Wolfe takes a very indepth and detailed look at WordPress (WP) Catagories. Catagories are for posts only and allow you to organize related  content into a specific type. This helps encourage visitors to explore  more of your content because they can find everything you have posted about a subject just […]

How To Edit WordPress Themes

This video from Facebook/learnwordpress does a good job of showing how to edit your themes from within the WordPress (WP) Theme Editor. The narration is done by a Brit if it matters to you keenly. The author shows you how to change colors and dimensions along with margins. While I truly can’t recommend fooling around […]

What To Do When Your Post Won't Display

You finish a post on your WordPress blog. You’re excited and you want to see how it will display for everyone who visits your blog. So you click the “View Post” link from the editor, and you see… Absolutely Nothing, except a 404 page not found error. What the… you think. You know the post […]

Editing WordPress Widgets

Although the WordPress Version used in this video is rather outdated, it does a great job of explaining what WordPress Widgets are and how they function. The big difference between the WP version shown and the newer versions is the Admin interface. To access the widget area you simply hover over the "Appearence" tab in […]