WordPress developers create some fantastic free WordPress plugins.
They allow you to do many things that you would normally pay for like adding a eCommerce Shopping Cart, or in this case a complete Newsletter of your own. Granted, creating a Newsletter with any of the WordPress Newsletter Plugins is not going to give you all the features a paid account will.

With a paid service you get tracking on who opened your emails, when they read it and if they clicked on any links.

If all that is not important to you then using a plugin like Wysija Newsletters makes a lot of sense. It also a way to start building up an email list without having the pressure of making your list pay off as you get your feet wet.

Wysija is as good as any other WordPress Newsletter Plugin at creating a newsletter. You have quite a bit more control over the look of your newsletter with Wysija Newsletters than with many other plugins if you don’t edit CSS. The plugin is very highly rated by WordPress users. That means more than it may seem. The reason is simply because the majority of WordPress users never even take time to rate a plugin. Any plugin with a high rating and tons of downloads is a safe bet to work well.

The video was created by Peter Ricci, and he shows you how to set up the plugin and use it to set up a newsletter in WordPress. The video takes you through all the steps one by one so it is easy to follow along with. The process is straight forward enough for even new WordPress users. Check this out if you need a Newsletter on the cheap.

Using Wysija Newsletters in WordPress

How to setup and use Wysija Newsletters in WordPress.