Nothing is more personal than the style of blogging you decide to use. This plays a pivotal role in determining who is in your audience. Different people are attracted to different styles of writing just as different people have different ways of expressing themselves. While individuality is what makes one satnd out on the Internet, it does not hurt to learn the basics of writing Web content.

The how to video below is focused on using the available options available to you when you are creating a new post. The tips in this video will help you get your blog ranked higher and faster by the search engines and make your content easier to understand. Created by Andrew Rulnick who goes by, “TheCorporateSamurai” on YouTube this how to video shows some of the finer points of creating posts and pages.

The video also offers a good look at how to use the features in the WordPress editor in an over the shoulder view. The author explains what the most common buttons on the WordPress editor are. He adds a breif description of the function of each button as well. This is great material for someone trying to learn WordPress and well worth the time it takes to watch this informative video.