Did you ever want to create your very own WordPress theme? If you have tried to find info on the topic you soon discover there is not much. The reason is fairly simple, this is a highly technical operation definately not for beginners. Because the info is very technical in nature few people have tackled this subject in text or video.

The video below is an exception to that rule. The author takes on this difficult process and makes it possible for someone with some technical skills to create a basic WordPress theme of their own. The techniques used in the video are well explianed and the author also presents you with some good resources to help you get started.

As I say above, this is really not for beginners. However, if you are interested in getting started in WordPress themme development this is a great place to start. The video is very esay to follow and the author explains just enoyugh about what is going on to help you understand without drowning in information.

Tutorial: How Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch (Basic Intro)

Uses this PDF document as reference: http://j.mp/create-a-wordpress-theme Uses this HTML page/package as a starting point: http://bit.ly/create-a-wordpress-t…