One of the things missing from many otherwise great WordPress Themes is a Theme Options Page.
This is especially true of PLR WordPress themes. They seldom have this feature and it make it hard to compete with sellers offering full options pages. Adding an options page to the WordPress admin is a great way to set a theme apart from other versions.

To be sure, this is no subject for someone without at least a bit of experience writing code of some sort.

The technical nature is not over the top here. The author takes the time to explain what you need to know in a clear fashion. One word of caution though. when working on a plugin it is highly advisable to install it only on a demo or test site untill all the bugs are worked out. That way you won’t upset your users with technical issues.

WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 8a – Adding a Theme Options Page

In this video, we discuss how to create a theme options page in the admin menu using your theme’s functions.php file, and discuss how WordPress “options” wor…