How to create your own widget…

How to build a WordPress widget | tutorial

This WordPress tutorial discusses how to create a new widget using the Widget API. Watch more at…

This another journey into the technical side of WordPress. If you know nothing about coding PHP, and don’t want to learn, just skip this one.

If you either already write PHP or want to learn, then pay close attention to the author. There is a great deal of useful information presented during the course of this video. The start of creating your own widget takes only a few lines of code. As you can see from the video there are a couple of ways you can do this.

As stated, the method the author of this video shows you in the video is certainly the best. Keep everything you do as current as possible so you won’t have a massive change to make when you no longer have a choice.

Besides that, you always want to use the latest method to ensure compatibility for responsive theme features. The Web is being surfed more and more every day via mobile device. If you aren’t up to date then your widget won’t work on Smartphones or tablets. In the world of marketing today, or even being competitive Online your work must be available to every Internet user no matter what sort of device they choose to visit you in.