When it comes to truly changing the appearence of your WordPress Admin area there are several plugins available to you. This video by the plugins creator will show you why this is my favorite…

WP Total Hacks

WP Total Hacks Plugin for WordPress.

The primary reason I like the WP Total Hacks so much is is not simply because it does exactly what it’s supposed to. It does this, and more importantly the plugin does nothing else. This is the sign of a well coded plugin. No conflicts created, no non working features. Why is that so important?

Sometimes how a plugin does it’s job is more important than the job it does for you.

That does not mean this plugin does a trivial task. Few things will set your WordPress blogs apart from the horde of competitors like adding a Favicon to your site. A Favicon is the small Icon that shows up on the left of the address pane on your browser. Most browsers also show the site’s Favicon if any is used in the list of open tabs on the left.

This is almost exclusively used by large corporate sites. Go to Amazon, Pepsi, or any large companies Web sites and they have a Favicon. On the other hand, think about the vast majority of blogs you visit. Very few have Favicons. By adding a Favicon to your blog you are instantly creating a professional image for every visitor.

For those who create sites for clients, this plugin has even more features that will impress even the most experienced bussiness owner. Not only can you get rid of the “Powered By WordPress” blurb on every admin page, you can change the thank you for using WordPress line into whatever you like. This gives you another branding option for sites you create for your clients. Branding these areas is subtle, but the fact that you can and do will only leave a favorable impression on your clients.

Total WP Hacks is a sound plugin. It will let you set your site apart from your competitors, and that’s enough to make this a must have plugin for every serious blogger. Even better, it’s available for free from WordPress and highly rated by users. This is a very good plugin. Check it out.