Few things impact the profitability of a WordPress blog more than keyword research. Many people gloss over the issue and concentrate instead on the niche. That can be a problem if you are targeting the wrong keywords. Buyers tend to use certain search terms when they are ready to make a purchase. These terms are known as “Buying Keywords” or “Money Keywords” and because of this competition can be fierce.

The net result for marketers trying to break in can be disaster.
Too much competition from authority sites will pretty much leave you out of the money in many niches. This can be all avoided though.

Keyword research does not have to be boring and eat up massive chunks of your time. If you use the methods in the video you will find out how to create a more profitable blog. By honing in on the keywords used by people ready, willing and able to purchase right now you can generate sales. Perhaps even better, you won’t waste time with niches or keywords that are saturated. Watch the video to learn more.

Keyword Research Made Easy

http://internetbusinessmastery.com This video shows you how to do keyword research in order to choose a profitable niche, attract your target market and get …