Sometimes what you have to say in your post is not as important as how you say it.

Your goal is of course to get visitors to read every word of your posts. In order to do that, you must
give them a reason to keep reading.

Even if you are breaking some sort of Earth shattering news in your post you need more than
simply the facts. You need to engage your visitors, make them want to keep reading until
they have reached the last word of your post.

This is the last video from professional copywriter Rob Canyon’s blog copywriting course because
the 7th video either was never published or has been removed. No matter though, as this video is
all about a vital subject for all bloggers. In the video Canyon talks about getting and
keeping the interest of the visitors who come to your blog.

Canyon shows you some great ways to do that in the video. His suggestions are very effective and
will work in any Niche you like. As with the second video of this series the focus is on formatting and
structure. While your High School English teacher might not approve, the reaction from
your visitors to these formatting tricks will be better.

The techniques shown in this video will have a huge impact on your ability to engage the people who come to your blog.


Because Google and the other search engines use the amount of time visitors remain on your site as
a measurement of rather or not the content on your site applies to the keywords you are using. If you can
keep the people who visit your blog reading, you will begin to see more organic traffic. That will create
a “Snowball Effect” where every post helps you gain momentum and rank higher.

As this is the last of the videos from this course that’s available for viewing I want to share
an important tip with you. Try to include an image of some sort, or perhaps a video in every post to
increase the time people stay on your site.

Extensive research shows this to be of great value if you are trying  to engage your audience. Just find a
topical image or video and include with every post. You can even create your own videos if you like,
just try to add one of these two things to every post.