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Over the past year or so Google Hangouts have become insanely popular. In fact, Google Hangouts will probably soon put an end to the Webinars hosted through services like GoToWebinar. Unlike Webinars which require you to pay $500 or more per month to keep access to the system, Google Hangouts are 100% free to run for anyone with an active Google account. That means you are not required to offer the dreaded Webinar Special Offer for some extremely inflated price just to make up for the cost of presenting the Webinar.

That’s why I truly beleive that Google Hangouts will kill the Webinar sales model. If you’re anything like me, you hate signing up for most Webinars because you know in advance that whatever training you get will be of little use without the product that will be pitched at the end of the Webinar. And because the products being hyped on the average Webinar ranges anywhere between a couple of hundred bucks to several thousand dollars, this puts them out of reach for most Webinar attendees. Even when the product is a good one I hate being pitched to in this manner. You get a very limited window in which you must act or pay an even more inflated price for the product. This basically means you have no chance to truly research the product or the Marketer making the offer. If I’m going to spend that kind of money on something I need more that the marketers word that this is worth the investment. I know I’m not alone in this school of thought.

Besides the cost, there are other advantages of using Google Hangouts to create your events.

Google Hangouts are far more interactive than Webinars. Instead of a very one sided conversation, you can let those attending add input and enhance everyone’s experience. Because Hangouts are pretty much informal people tend to be more relaxed and the information more detailed. If you have many followers on Google+ you can easily get many to attend your event if the topic has broad interest.