Posting your own videos is great for branding your business. Unfortunately if you don’t want the videos you post to be available for anyone to share or embed then you can forget about YouTube, Vimeo and other free video hosting sites. For that most people opt for paid hosting sites. While that may not be a bad option for one or two videos it gets ugly pretty quick if you post videos often.

This video how to details a much better alternative to this costly solution, hosting your videos on Google Drive. While not entirely free, this alternative is still far more economical than other sources of private hosting.

So why should you use this for WordPress? YouTube and Vimeo get free traffic to your WordPress blog, why pay to host videos where you don’t get that benefit? This is intended for premium content and things like membership sites or paid client training videos. If you use a WordPress site to run a membership site or need to keep training video content exclusive to your paying customers this is for you.

How to Embed a Google Drive Video on your Website (WordPress)

Watch as I embed a Video from Google Drive to my WordPress Blog and control file sharing and viewing options.…