The Lowdown On Those  WordPress Rest API Errors You’re Getting On The Site Health Check

Are you getting a mysterious alert on the site health screen telling you your site has a WordPress Rest API error? No info, just the error plus sometimes a second error about the site being unable to perform a loopback test.

So  what’s all that about you may ask…

Here’s the deal,

WordPress runs on PHP, a scripting language. Like all languages, it has rules. One of those rules is that in order to perform   certain operations you must first create what is referred to as a PHP Session.

WordPress runs on Cookies from your browser to set sessions. For most things that works fine. For others, like the Rest API it simply causes an error, often followed by another error about not being able to perform a loopback test.

WordPress calls it a “Critical” error, but in reality it seems to have little effect on functionality other than with some of the page builder plugins like Beaver Builder you can have problems saving the page.

Fortunately, the is a simple fix for the problem. You don’t have to go further than your WP site’s admin to solve the issue. Simply go to the add plugins screen and search for a plugin  called, Native PHP Sessions for WordPress and then install and activate the plugin and you are done.

Check your Site Health screen, and you will see the error is gone. Just install and activate this free plugin and problem solved. If you prefer to install plugins via .zip files, you can download the latest version from the plugin page on by using the link below.

WordPress Native PHP Sessions