Greg Lunder created this useful video on some plugins worth having on your site. Two of the plugins focus on 2 Social Media sites that can help generate extra free traffic, Facebook and Twitter. The plugins allow you to share your blog posts with your followers on Twitter and those who get your Facebook feed.

The other plugin is called Comment Love> This is a cool plugin that allows comment posters to get a link to their blog for leaving a comment. The plugin has proven to be rather a magnet for comments which are valued highly by the search engines. Google and the other players rank sites that generate a high number of comments higher than others.

The video quality is a bit uneven in this video, parts seem rather out of focus but they thankfully do not require you to see detail to understand what is being said so this is only a minor flaw at best.

The plugins are all free plugins you can find in the WordPress Plugin Directory. This can be accesed by clicking the “add new” link from the plugin page in your WordPress admin. The plugins are,

Facebook Share (New)

TweetMeme Retweet Button

Comment Love