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The nrelate plugin is truly a unique free WordPress plugin. It helps you to show off related posts in an attractive, modern way. Not only does that get more exposure for your posts overall, it also can be a key to getting visitors to stay longer. If someone found one of your posts interesting they are far more likely to read more if you simply show them what you have to offer.

There are in fact 3 different nrelate plugins.

nrelate Related Content, The original.

nrelate Flyout, Creates a NY Times style flyout of related content.

nrelate Most Popular, Displays your most popular posts.

All three are free WordPress plugins. Every one of these plugins carries the same version number (0.52.4) and all are updated regularly. The 3 plugins are all compatable with the current version of WordPress, 3.6.

The nrelate series is new to me, so I’m in the process of testing still but the results are very promising. I’m sure you will see one of these plugins in action on this site soon. I’m still trying to decide which version, but it may turn out to be more than one. The plugins created no errors with any other plugin I have installed on my test  site based on my almost complete results. All three plugins have their own distinct purpose. But every nrelate plugin is designed to do the same job in one sense. They will all help you engage your visitors better and encourage them to stay on your site longer.