This video by Dean Ethridge was first published on his blog at Besides Akismet, which always seems to make most everyone’s list, Ethridge also includes the All In One SEO Pack. The video includes a quick intro to the plugin as well. He also recommends SEO Presser a premium WordPress plugin in the video.

There are some interesting plugins listed in this video. One I had never heard of before, Cevher Share, is a very cool plugin that allows your readers to share your content on just about any social network or sharing site.

Download Cevher Share

The Ultimate Follow Me plugin does just what you think it would. It allows visitors to your site to follow you on any social networking sites you have an account with. This is the sort of thing Google and the other search engines look for so this plugin could save searching for different social sharing plugins to do the same job.

Download Ultimate Follow Me Plugin

Comment Love was also new to me. This one is interesting because it gives people who leave a comment on your blog the option of adding their last blog post to the comment. I  certainly could see how that would make people more inclined to leave good comments.

Download Comment Love