UPDATE: A lot of people asked me directly which one I recommend… Since that video, WP GDPR Fix has added few improvements, including multi-lingual support and tracking of the acceptance of cookies and T&C and PP… So, it makes it the number one for me now… Meanwhile, Uber still haven’t added what they said they would…
You can get WP GDPR Fix from this link: http://rcl.ink/0H

Comparison between different free and paid GDPR compliance WordPress plugins.

There is a new contender that has been released during last week-end: GDPR Pro… A little late, but anyway… It claims that they are the only one who logs WHEN the user has given consent… And they are right (at least in the paid plugins… don’t remember about the free ones)… They even talked about WP GDPR Fix being a good product, but lacking this feature…

Guess what? A couple hours after, I received an update from WP GDPR Fix for two new updates about to come out this week: multi-langual support (something I have asked them) and logs…!

Uber, do you answer back as well? Because, with those two additions, WP GDPR Fix will probably come to the #1 spot for the GDPR solutions…

For free plugins, go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/GDPR/
Uber GDPR (WP version): https://nextwebinar.org/go/gdpr/
Uber GDPR SaaS (any site): https://nextwebinar.org/go/gdpr500
WP GDPR Fix: https://wpgdprfix.in/
GDPR Suite: https://gdpr-suite.com/
NOTE: These are NOT affiliate links
I have resell rights to Uber GDPR (WP) to help support this channel: https://uber-gdpr.nelmedia.ca/


Intro: 00:00
WordPress’ default tools: 06:10
Free plugins:
GDPR: 00:13:02
WP GDPR Compliance: 00:17:30
The GDPR Framework: 00:24:51
GDPR Cookie Compliance: 00:29:49
WP GDPR: 00:32:52
Cookie Law Info: 00:35:20
Cookiebot: 00:38:37
GDPR Tools: 00:42:50
Surbma – GDPR Proof Cookies: 00:44:13

Paid plugins:
Uber GDPR: 00:48:23
Uber GDPR SaaS: 1:02:18 (Only one that can be use without WP)
WP GDPR Fix: 1:09:38
GDPR Guardian: 1:19:30
GDPR Suite: 1:20:56
Conclusion: 1:28:55