How to set up your WordPress blog for affiliate marketing…

Setup WordPress For An Affiliate Marketing Website

Free Web Hosting – Setup WordPress For An Affiliate Marketing Website.

WordPress makes a great platform for doing affiliate marketing. The easy availability of themes to give your site just the right look for any Niche allows you to set up a WordPress site for affiliate marketing quickly and easily. The author of this video has covered the basics here so that is why I chose to publish the video here. There are some statements the author makes in the video that are not entirely correct, and perhaps misleading.

The author states that you can’t paste raw HTML into the WordPress post area when creating a post. This did apply for the  most part when this video was made. There have been many changes made to WordPress since then. Provided you click on the “Source” link above the post box you can enter any HTML you like into the post at any time. Now as to rather WordPress will allow it to be formatted as it was is another story. This has more to do with trying to paste entire HTML pages in a WordPress installation than anything. The settings of your theme’s CSS Stylesheet will usually cause complete HTML pages to look rather odd compared to the original.

Another factor is Divs versus tables. WordPress will allow you to use Divs, but to create tables you need a specific plugins or you must use TinyMCE Advanced a plugin that adds extra controls and features to a WordPress blog.

You can create paragraphs, but only on the “Text” side.

Try to enter

the opening tag for a new paragraph, or

the closing tag, in the Source or code side without any words or images, and the paragraphs will be gone when you revert to the Text  mode.

Another thing I must point out is the fact that you do not need a premium WordPress theme to run a succesful affiliate marketing blog. The main reason the author talks about a specific premium theme source in the video is because he is an affiliate of this company! One of the purposes of this video is trying to cash in on this by suggesting you need to purchase a premium theme. That is truly misleading, especially now.

There are a multitude of excellent free WordPress themes that will do the job nicely. Look for a modern design that is responsive for the best results. Magazine type themes are especially good for this as they alolow you to show several different type of posts off toigether on your home page giving potential customers more choices.