How to change your .htaccess file to allow Permalink settings to be changed…

WordPress Permalinks and HTACCESS

Not every Web host is WordPress friendly.

This video shows you how to edit your .htaccess file so that you can change your Permalink structure in WordPress. Most WordPress users do not need to do this. However, some hosting companies default file permissions don’t allow all of WordPress to work properly. Permalinks are one of those things. If the software that runs things can’t change files because of the file permissions then one or more feature won’t work.

This can also come into play if you have placed restrictive file permissions on the .htaccess file for security purposes. This works, as nobody else can edit your .htaccess file. But you won’t be able to change your permalink setup with this in place.

The solution is to temporarily change your file permissions to 666, which is what WordPress needs to perform this operation automatically for you. It works, but it’s a real pain in the rear to do.