Facebook is still king of the Social Networking sites. Connecting your bussinesses Facebook (FB) page feed to your WordPress blog is a natural. That does not mean there are a lot of choices for doing this for free. With the exception of the option discussed in this post and the video below I know of no others that do not involve paid WordPress plugins.

The option I speak of is a free Facebook app available in the FB developers area. The process is not unlike adding a Business page to Facebook.

This is very simple to do and even a novice should have no problems if they follow the directions in the video below.

This can be especially effective in getting visitors to your business site. Adding a FB feed to your site helps tremendously with
branding. A feed lets you show off what you have going on with your business to your customers and fans. This has an effect on your site traffic if you post about the same subjects and have your WordPress posts published to your FB Business Timeline. This give you a double bonus in the form of relevent Social links for your blog. Using the Facebook Like Box app to post your FB feed to your WordPress blog will pay off for you in several ways.

Adding a Facebook Feed to WordPress using Facebook Like Box

A step by step guide on how to add a Facebook Feed into a WordPress widget using the Facebook Like Box page.