If you have a topical or news based blog you may want to add a feed from the Google News RSS to your WordPress site. This has several advantages none the least of which is placing information Google itself as identifies as authority content side by side with your content.

This tends to help you rank as an authority more or less by association. You can use this for content curatuion if you like.

One of the great things about adding a feed to your WordPress blog from a news source is the effect it has on your traffic as
you add fresh keyword rich  content on a daily basis. This allows you a bit more freedom with your personal publishing schedule because you do not have to post as often to keep the search engines attention focused on your blog. While adding a feed is hardly an excuse to not add original content it does supplement it nicely.

The author’s voice takes a bit to get used to in the video below but he is understandable. The video will show you how to
add any RSS feed to a WordPress blog.

How To Add Google RSS News Feed Into WordPress Website

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