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How to add a link in your wordpress site simple steps how to add a clickable link to your wordpress


You can think of links as verification your site is valid. It’s not about how many links you have. On the contrary, you can have few links and do well in some Niches.

When you are talking links in WordPress or any type of site on the Internet you need to think of quality not quantity. This is quite a change from what was going on only a couple of years ago. Not so long ago WordPress SEO was all about the sheer number of backlinks your site had. Not if any of those links were to sites with related content or high Page Rank.

Google changed all that in a blinding flash with their first major update called Penguin. Suddenly, sites that had been on the top of the rankings were banished to the bottom never to recover. Content generation netorks were rampant, and they churned out bland content by the boatload. Put the two together and you had the formula for a winner. That all went away completely with the second major shakeup from Google called Panda.

As a result, many formerly successful WordPress users faced the task ofrediscovering how to create quality content or dissappear from the Internet completely. Many didn’t make it.

After a period when nobody could figure out rather backlinks still had any value or not we have come to the present, where links are once again a part of the formula to get good rankings. Now it’s the relevance of the sites linking to yours that matters, not the total volume of worthless links.

Links are important, make them a part of your WordPress blog.