Posts are a huge part of WordPress. After all, WordPress blog is defined by the content of your posts. That makes adding a new post an important task to learn. Even though WordPress is famous for being easy to use, just setting off to add posts to a new blog can raise quite a few questions. What’s a draft? What does Publish mean? While you might eventually figure everything out if left on your own there’s a faster, better way to learn.

The video below covers the topic of adding a new post in WordPress quite well. The author moves through the various subjects that need explaining when puplishing a new post nicely and the explainations are easy to understand. This may be a basic topic, but it is an important one to understand as doing things right will save you time and frustration.

This is a must see video for WordPress beginners. The video is easy to follow and well done.

WordPress – How to Video #1 – Posting a New Blog Entry James Winsoar explains in this video the process of how to post a new blog entry using WordPress, the difference between pos…