This is another How-To video from The tutorial handles an often asked question: How to add a PayPal “Buy” button to WordPress. This video details how to install and use the “Nice PayPal Button Lite” plugin.

The plugin inserts the button by way of inserting a “Shortcode” in your WordPress post or page. Shortcodes are one of the more interesting features of WordPress. A shortcode looks something like this, [shortcode] and can be used for a number of different things. Styling and adding buttons are two of the more commonly used purposes.

One of the cooler things about using shortcodes is the ability to insert the code directly into the visual editor in WordPress without switching to the Source or HTML code. There are several free WordPress plugins avialable that will perform basically the same operation done by this plugin. Some have more features than the plugin profiled here. You can do a search for “PayPal Buttons” from your WordPress admin by clicking on the “Add New” link under plugins and entering the phrase into the search box.