Image sliders are a great way to keep visitors on your site long enough to see what you have to offer. Most Premuim WordPress themes feature a slider of some sort, but few free themes have this feature by default. Like many other things having to do with WordPress, several very good plugins can help you bridge the gap.

The video below was created by Brad Dalton to show WordPress users how to add an image slider to a WordPress theme’s header. This is a “Prime Real Estate” location on any Web site. Adding a changing visual element to a home page has proven to be an effective way to capture your visitors attention.

The how to video focuses on using a WordPress plugin called “Easing Slider Lite” to add the slider to the header. If you are tech-phobic you probably will not be interested in this plugin as it requires you to add a bit of code to your theme’s header file and possibly comment out the PHP call for the header image. Rather or not you have to do the last part depends on what WordPress theme you are using. If the theme calls for a header image by default you will need to edit the call by doing what is called commenting it out.

The video clearly shows you what to do and Dalton does a fine job of explaining the steps and techniques used. This may sound technical, but it truly comes down to nothing more than copying and pasting for the most part. The video goes in perfect sequence to what you must do. No detours or u-Turns on the way. Dalton also includes some tips for further customizing the slider with the plugin’s features.