Here’s how to quickly add a Twitter feed to WordPress using the Twitter API…

How To: Add Twitter Feed (v1.1 API) to a WordPress Site in Under 2 Minutes!

In this How to Guide I explain how to add a Twitter Feed (using the v1.1 API) to your WordPress website or blog in just under 2 minutes! For more information…

Twitter can be a great way to increase the reach of your marketing efforts. Twitter is also good for Traffic especially when a Twitter account is linked to a particular blog.

Establishing a Twitter account for each Niche site is a very effective way to not only get more traffic to your WordPress blog, but also increase the reach of your Twitter account. By expanding your Twitter base, you are able to find new prospects that may very be looking for what you are selling.

Adding your Twitter feed is a great way to link the two things together.

The process used in the video is fast and simple enough. Most WordPress users could easily do this. But remember, if you don’t want to try there are plenty of free WordPress plugins you can use to do the same job.

I won’t go into any in this post as they have been covered in others. But the option is there if you need it. You’ll find several highly rated plugins that will allow you to publish a feed from your Twitter account to your WordPress site. There are also a couple that will let you do this and more.

Twitter and WordPress were made for each other, use this to your advantage.