Social Media has had a huge impact on the way people find content on the Internet.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr send more traffic to Web pages than all the search engines combined! No longer are site rankings determined by having the most backlinks. It’s not the number of backlinks that matters now. It’s all about quality.

And right now the highest authority comes from the vast network of Social Media sites scattered aaround the Internet. Without shares and likes, your content is doomed to dwell far down in the rankings.

The video below details a great option for adding Social Media buttons to your site in a very noticeable spot, your header. This method is used by many large Web companies and has proven to be effective in getting visitors to share or like your content. The video explains everything in detail so just follow along to find out how to get your WordPress blog Social.

How to Add Social Media Icons to a WordPress Header – 2011 Theme

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I posted How to Add Social Media Icons to a WordPress Header using the 2010 theme…

There are of course plenty of other options for addinf Social sharing buttons to your site. Many of the most popular plugins have been covered in other posts here on this site. To find more Social Media plugins for WordPress just look under the Plugins Catagory.

Don’t ignore the importance of Social Media to the ultimate success of your site. Experts predict that in less than 2 years any business not using Social Media will no linger exist. So adapt, survive, and grow with Social Media.