Widgets are one of the things that make WordPress popular. Widgets come in all types, recent posts, featured content, image, ad, you name it, and there is probably a WordPress widget that can do it.

The following video will show how to add widgets to your WordPress sidebars.

WordPress 3 Tutorial 12: Populating Your Sidebars With WordPress Widgets

This is part of the WordPress tutorial segment of the Internet Empowerment Series hosted by Social Media Survival Guide author, Deltina Hay. This session sho…

To find more widgets to use just search from your WordPress admin by going to the “Add New” link  in the plugins drop-down menu on the left side of your admin area. Just search for “Widgets” or click the link that says widgets in the tag cloud above the search box.

Finding the right widgets for your blog will be rewarding in more ways than just clicks on your adds. By using the right widgets you can improve the appearance of your site making it more attractive to visitors. Attention grabbing widgets can help you keep your visitors on your site longer. That leads to higher rankings, something everybody wants.